Awarded to

SA Lone Scouts Leader Awards

Silver Kangaroo  ~  Eminent achievement or exceptional service over a long period or for a unique and highly valved contribution to the well being of Scouting

2016    Greg Warnes

2017    Harry Long





Silver Emu  ~  Further distinguished service of around 4 - 5 years since the award of the Silver Koala

1999    Diane Strutton,  DL-Admin

2004    Greg Warnes,  DC

2005    Pauline Treloar,  DL-Admin


Distinguished Service Award  ~  for distinguished service to the Scout Movement

2004    Maxine Turner,  Honorary Lone  &  SSS


Silver Koala  ~  distinguished service to the Association for a period of at least 14 years

2000    Greg Warnes,  DC

2000    Pauline Treloar,  DCSL

2004    Steve Turner,  DSL

2009    Harry Long,  BC International

2015    Andre Freund,  DC


Outstanding Service Award ~  for outstanding service to the Scout Movement

2004    Barry Light,  Honorary Lone


 Silver Wattle ~  outstanding service to the Association for a period of at least 10 years

1999    Ivan Turner,  Honorary Lone  &  SSS

1999    Steve Turner, DSL

2002    Andy Giles,  DL-Activities

2005    Graeme Fuss,  RA

2005    Sue Light,  DCSL

2011    Andre Freund,  DC

2016    Lee Stewart

2018    Kirsty Short


 Silver Arrowhead ~  for excellent service to the Scout Movement

1999    Graeme Fuss,  RA

2000    Sue Light,  DJSL

2001    Darren Lodge,  Honorary Lone

2002    Brian Holecek,  DVL

2005    Meg Haensel-Fuss,  ASL

2009    Andre Freund,  DC


 Meritorious Service Award ~  meritorious or praiseworthy service to the Association for a period of at least 6 years

2015    Jakab Foster,  AVL

2015    Kirsty Short,  DVL

2016    Lee-anne Whitehead

2016    Andrew Allan

2016    Lyn Campigli

2017    Alison Gibson

2017    David Short



Certificate of Merit ~  in recognition of Good Service to the Movement

2000    Meg Haensel-Dunk,  ASL

2000    Sarah Smith,  DVL

2003    Andre Freund,  Lone Rover

2005    Anne Steer,  DJSL

2005    Rob Mutton,  AVL

2009    Alison Gibson,  DJSL

2009    Jakab Foster,  SL


 Special Service Award ~  noteworthy contribution to the success of their section or

formation or to the well being of Scouting - as a result of a period of at least 12 month intense effort

2016    Shaun Light


40 Years of Service Award

2010    Pauline Treloar,  DL-Admin


Life Membership of Scouts Australia

1996    Pauline Trelour,  DL-Admin

           Betty Mugg

           Margaret Vardon

           Greg Warnes

2001    Diane Strutton,  DL-Admin

2001    Steve Turner,  DSL

2017    Harry Long